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Build visibility with your remote team. 

Get your Virtual HQ.
Just $15 per user, per month. First month is FREE.

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Build visibility with your remote team.

Get your Virtual HQ.
Just $15 per user, per month. First month is FREE.


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Powering the future with

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Powering the future with

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The power of proximity.

We're bringing the shared in-office experience to the remote workflow. A place for people to gather, to spontaneously connect, to co-work, to feel like a team.

More visibility.

Pop by someone’s office to problem-solve. Replace a 30-minute meeting with a 2-minute “You got a sec?” Spontaneously brainstorm your next big idea.


Drive competitive edge.

Vividly represent your brand and win the meeting. Katmai's virtual office is a game-changer for recruiting, new business pitches and sales.

Say goodbye to stilted 2D video calls and hello to immersive experiences. Bring the wow factor.

Improved collaboration & productivity.

Coming together in an immersive virtual office allows your team to work together in a more natural and intuitive way. Share ideas faster. Have a post-meeting walk-and-talk. Collaborate on the fly. Reduce meeting fatigue to create more space for creativity.


Boost company culture.

Being in a space together facilitates face-time, spontaneous interactions, and joy. This naturally forms trusting relationships and team camaraderie. After all, the best moments often aren't on your calendar.

tms team photo of 5 employees in a virtual 3D space using Katmai technology to have a huddle meeting

“As a globally distributed team, working in Katmai has enabled us to cultivate community and company culture. Being together in the virtual office allows for deeper connections, real-time collaboration, spontaneity and fun that wasn’t previously achievable in our remote workflow.”


- James Eby, Chief Creative Officer at tms, a technology, marketing, and sourcing company driving transformational change for the world’s leading brands





“For the past few months, our team has been experimenting with this software (lucky to have gotten an invite to the beta), and it is now our default for working remotely. It has cut zooms, calls, texts and chats in half. And somehow relieves the draining "zoom fatigue" of being on video conferences all day.”


- Ian Rasmussen, founder of Urban Cartographics, consultant agency specializing in NYC development approval process.





“No one is expecting this. Katmai separates us from competitors when they’re shopping around.”


- Heidi Stein, Director of Franchise Sales at Honest Lash




Experience a better way to
connect,collaborate,explore,sell,work remotely.

Accessible & Intuitive

Katmai is browser-based, no headset required. Katmai seamlessly integrates video conferencing within custom 3D environments.

Seamless Communication

With freedom of movement and spatial audio, connect like you're across the hall. Bring the shared office experience to your remote or distributed teams.

Energizing 3D Environments

Unlock more natural & energizing communication. Say goodbye to zoom fatigue, and hello to your virtual HQ - surrounded by company branding and beautiful views.

Efficient Workspaces

We've designed a series of beautiful HQ architectures to maximize visibility and create a more productive and positive work environment for leaders and teams alike.

"This startup is turning the RTO debate on its head by creating a digital twin of the office"


“Katmai is pioneering the future of virtual experiences and hybrid work”



"Bringing people together within immersive, customized, environments that foster authentic human interactions."



Built for the future.
Available today.

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