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Get your Virtual Office.

Restore human connection for your remote team, FREE.

Get your Virtual Office.

Restore human connection for your remote team, FREE.



Building the Future of Digital Interaction with

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The IRL experience, with just a browser.

Quite literally, Katmai is that space between traditional video meeting apps and the in-real-life experience. 

Interact the way you're meant to interact - face to face, organically, and on-the-fly. Roam around. Hang out. Bump into a friend. Or break off from the crowd.

A place for remote teams

You hired the best minds from near and far. In Katmai, those brainiacs get to work/play/collaborate, side by side, seamlessly. Look up from your desk. See your team. Wave them over. Get stuff done. (Built for remote startups, by a remote startup, we know a thing or two about enhancing the WFH experience.) 


A place for community

Online meetups don’t have to be a grid of awkward faces. Katmai takes your event to the next level. Rub virtual elbows, make the rounds, and naturally move from conversation to conversation.

A place for brands

Let customers immerse themselves in your brand. Katmai is partnering with the world’s most innovative companies to create custom virtual workplaces, interactive experiences, and digital twins of real-world locations. Reach out to see what we can build for your brand. 


How Katmai works

All you need is a browser, no expensive VR headsets needed (or wanted) here. 

When you log into Katmai, it’s just you, as you, with your people/colleagues/community in stunning, immersive 3D worlds that look and feel just like a real place. 

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Katmai has enabled us to cultivate community and company culture.

James Eby

Chief Creative Officer


Come on in. 
We've got a virtual space made just for you.