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Intro to Katmai

Welcome! Katmai is a browser-based 3D platform that brings people together. Here are your first steps:

  • Create your account by opening the email with the subject line: “You've been invited to join [[YOUR COMPANY]] on Katmai” and clicking the link.Once your account is created, go to app.katmaitech.com to log in. 
  • Required browser: Join via Google Chrome, and when it asks for permission to access your mic and camera, click “allow.”
  • Device: Use a laptop or desktop computer. Katmai is not yet mobile/tablet optimized.
  • Location: Join from a quiet workspace and use your computer’s built-in microphone and speakers.
  • Wi-Fi: Have a strong and stable Wi-Fi. 

Navigating Katmai — a mini tutorial:

  • To move around the space, use the arrow keys.
    • Up to move forward
    • Down to move backwards
    • Left/right to change your perspective while not in motion


  • Hold the shift key and up/down arrow to move twice as fast, aka run mode.

Pro Tips:

  • Wanna have fun? Press the space key to jump. Jumping can mean a quick “hello,” “good morning,” or “I’m here,” without saying a word. You can also jump over your desk to really get the day started. 

  • To mute/unmute yourself, press M. To turn off/on your video, press V.


Turn on/off video