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How do I fix poor audio quality?

Follow these troubleshooting steps in this order: 

  1. Google Chrome is Katmai’s preferred browser. If you aren’t using it already, try switching to Chrome. If you’re already on Chrome, check for available browser updates. See: How to Check and Update Your Browser.
  2. Refresh your browser window.
  3. Close any open video conferencing apps, like Zoom or Teams. Other video conferencing apps can monopolize audio on some machines.
  4. Confirm audio output in Katmai and at the system level matches the desired output being used.
    1. If it’s on the correct setting, reselect the output option and reload Katmai.
    2. If using speakers or a headset via a USB hub or external monitors, try connecting the device directly to your computer.
  5. If you’re using Bluetooth headphones, try wired headphones or your built-in speakers. Using Bluetooth devices may lead to unpredictable results in Katmai.
  6. Check your hardware acceleration settings in Chrome:
    1. Click the three dots in the top right of your Chrome browser window.
    2. Click Settings.
    3. Click “System” from the menu on the left.
    4. Make sure “Use hardware acceleration when available” is toggled on.

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