How do I manage permissions for my team?

Establish permissions to ensure each user has appropriate access to the functions they need in Katmai

Setting up user privileges 

Give users the right set of keys to the office. You can customize the level of access each role has under Define Roles.

Head to your dashboard. Then in the top right menu, click Manage > Define Roles.

Admins by default have all permissions enabled. Currently, you are not able to change this, so use caution when granting administrative roles.

Katmai offers three roles:

  • Office Admin
  • Team Member
  • Guest


Team members initially have three options turned on:

  • Manage guest passes
  • Present your webcam on a shared screen
  • Share your screen

You are able to expand their capabilities, however, by simply clicking on the appropriate box.

For example, if you want to enable your users to do something as simple as change their avatar, or a more complex task like adjusting moderation controls, it’s just one click away.