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How do I move in Katmai?

Arrow keys and WASD 

On your keyboard, use your arrow keys or the letters WASD to easily move around your space. 

The up arrow moves you forward, the down arrow moves you backward and the left and right arrows rotate you on your axis. The left and right arrows also move you in the left and right directions if you’re already in motion.

If you prefer to use WASD keys, the W key moves you forward, the S key moves you backward, and the A and D keys move you left and right, respectively. 

Feel more like a sprint than a stroll? Hold down the shift key while in movement to go twice as fast.

Double-click to move

Hover over the floor of your desired destination and double-click to be automatically transported there. To turn and reorient yourself after you’ve landed, click and drag.

Note: Clicking on walls won’t trigger any movement.

This feature is on by default. If your preference is to use arrow keys or WASD, you can turn off the “double click to move” feature. The toggle can be found in your self-view settings, in the upper right of your screen.

Changing your perspective

To look right or left, press the right and left arrow keys while you’re not in motion. You can also click and drag anywhere on your screen to look up, down, and all around.

*Katmai pro tip: If you’re looking left or right and don’t want to hold your finger down on the mouse or trackpad, just hold shift + double-click the screen. This will allow you to swipe sideways instead of dragging. To exit this view state, simply hold shift + double-click again. (Or hit the esc key.)


There are lots of reasons to jump up and down in Katmai. First, it’s fun. Second, it can be a great way to communicate with your team members. Jumping can mean: “Hello!” or “I’m here outside your office, can I come in?” Also: snaps, kudos, encore, “100 percent agree with everything you just said.” 

To jump, simply press the spacebar.