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There's echo or feedback coming from Katmai

Follow these troubleshooting steps in this order: 

  1. An echo or feedback might be caused by “headphone mode” being switched on even though you aren’t using headphones. To check, click the settings wheel on your self-view in the top rightSwitch the toggle to the appropriate icon (speakers or headphones). The toggle looks like this:

  1. In your audio settings, change and then re-select your audio input and your audio output.
  2. If you’re using speakers, try using wired headphones. 
  3. If headphones aren’t an option, lower your speaker volume.

If you and your Katmai coworkers are also together IRL (e.g. in a physical coworking space or office), this can cause echoes and feedback. When this happens, use headphones or find a private space.

Still need help? Contact us at support@katmaitech.com