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What are my privacy rights in Katmai?

Your data privacy: 

  • We do not record your video or audio.
  • We do not sell your personal data.

Audio and visual privacy:

  • We created our patented sound zone system to ensure no one other than the intended persons can hear you. While you’re in Katmai, we provide a clear indication of who exactly can hear you at any moment.
  • Screen shares are only viewable by users in the same sound zone.

Communication encryption:

  • Audio and video streams are encrypted using industry-standard TLS encryption while in transit.
  • Katmai chat features client-to-server encryption for secure communication. We do not store chat history.
  • Katmai screen sharing is encrypted in transit and is not stored locally or in the cloud.

Role-based security: 

  • Log in securely using your username and password. 
  • Space access may be assigned by users with the “Space Access” permission.
  • Create a guest pass to give someone access to a single space limited by date, time, and duration.

Admin controls:

  • Add or remove users to and from your organization.
  • Define user roles by upgrading or downgrading permissions.
  • Add or revoke users’ access to spaces.