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Why am I moving slowly?

If you’re having trouble moving smoothly through Katmai, follow these troubleshooting steps in this order: 

  1. Click the “reconnect” button on the bottom left of your screen next to the chat button.
  2. Refresh your browser window.
  3. If you aren’t using Chrome, try switching to Chrome. If you are already using Chrome, check for any available browser updates. For instructions on how to do so, see How to Check and Update Your Browser.
  4. Make sure you are using hardware from ~2017 or newer. Some exceptions apply, so see our system requirements for more information.
  5. Run the Cloudflare Internet Speed Test 
    1. If it shows that you have poor internet speed on Wi-Fi, try connecting via ethernet or change to a different network if possible.
    2. When using a wired connection, make sure Wi-Fi is turned off. 
  6. Change your A/V settings and then refresh your browser select the following options: 
    1. Graphics: Low Power
    2. Resolution: 480p

Still need help? Contact us at support@katmaitech.com