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What is a "sound zone"?

In Katmai, there are zones where sound can only be heard by the people inside the area. These areas are called sound zones. When you’re in a sound zone, your audio can’t be heard by anyone outside of it. In our office spaces, examples of sound zones include individual offices, patios, lounges, couches, and conference rooms.

How can you tell if someone has entered your sound zone?

  • If you’re facing the entrance, you’ll be able to see anyone who enters the zone.
  • You’ll hear a chime that lets you know someone has joined the sound zone you are in.
  • The number of participants will be displayed in the bottom right corner of your screen.


Why sound zones are important:

  1. Privacy: Your audio and screen shared content in your meeting are only accessible to those in the sound zone. However, if your door is open, someone could potentially enter the zone. To enhance the security of sound zones, we also offer a “close the door” feature. When the door is closed, your audio and screen shared content remains private to only the participants in the zone, providing an extra layer of security by preventing anyone outside from entering the meeting room.
  2. Focus: In a sound zone, you can concentrate better as you won't hear the noise and activity happening in the rest of the office like you would in a physical office. While you can still see your co-workers through the Katmai glass walls, you’ll be less distracted.